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redact / редактировать, формулировать, готовить к печати
edit, redact, blue-pencil, red-pencil
formulate, pose, represent, enunciate, redact, couch
готовить к печати
edit, redact
имя прилагательное
redact, red-short
edit (text) for publication.
I have to redact documents on a regular basis.
I have to redact documents on a regular basis.
You know, the White House has gotten the ability to look at the report and redact certain items.
Large sections of the Roberts files that have been made public have been heavily redacted with black ink.
In essence, I begin the editing process - redacting the data, picking useful bits - while taking handwritten notes.
The name of that lawyer is redacted throughout the report.
It became apparent to the reporters that the redacted portions were self-referencing phrases.
Now, the victim's name in the report was redacted .
The Commissioner accepted some details of the minutes would have to be redacted to preserve national security.
The problem is not that he has abridged the Bible - the very creation of Scripture required the editorial judgment of its redactors - but that he has attenuated it.
No doubt many redactors took a hand in shaping this chapter from stories in the oral tradition.