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red-hot / сосиска
имя существительное
sausage, banger, frankfurter, weenie, snag, red-hot
имя прилагательное
накаленный докрасна
раскаленный докрасна
aglow, glowing, red-hot
hot, fervent, ardent, warm, heated, red-hot
имя прилагательное
(of a substance) so hot as to glow red.
red-hot coals
extremely exciting or popular.
red-hot jazz
The campaign will include recipes which, it is claimed, can turn the coldest of fish into red-hot lovers.
As darkness descended, the increasingly restless audience, now numbering over a thousand, took up their positions around the cordoned-off red-hot coals, spread in a circle on the village square.
He made each of his players run barefoot over red-hot coals.
A red-hot shower of burning debris rained down on him.
His bare feet really do touch the red-hot coals.
They show animal claws scratching across concrete, red-hot rusty wires glowing orange in the dark, and bloodied knives arranged along the body at the sites of pain.
‘Promise me you'll at least hear me out before you decide that you don't believe me,’ I said quietly, staring into the red-hot flames of the fire.
A surge of passion could turn you into a red-hot lover but you must not allow it to make you foolishly impulsive.
Questioned about the suggestion Day had lusted after her, MacGregor replied: ‘I can't put Robin in the category of red-hot lovers.’
Imagine there's a religion that believes in burning children with a red-hot iron.