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red-handed / с окровавленными руками, полнокровный, пойманный на месте преступления
имя прилагательное
с окровавленными руками
red-checked, red-handed
plethoric, sanguineous, full-blooded, red-handed, red-blooded
пойманный на месте преступления
имя прилагательное
(of a person) having been discovered in or just after the act of doing something wrong or illegal.
I caught him red-handed , stealing a wallet
The excitement of the weekend was catching a bicycle thief red-handed .
Some have developed or perfected sophisticated skills to carry out corruption without being caught red-handed .
Had someone called us when the raid was in progress, we could have caught them red-handed .
Eventually, Tina was caught red-handed on videotape clandestinely throwing objects.
The culprits, who were caught red-handed by police, caused £20,000 damage.
The 30-year-old man was caught red-handed by residents as he was about to make off with a stolen motorcycle.
Armed robbers were caught red-handed yesterday as they were about to carry out a raid on a security van.
He could get caught red-handed in the most heinous of crimes and she would keep him out of jail.
Short of being caught red-handed stealing clients' money, accountants were rarely disciplined.
What could I say to defend myself when I had been caught red-handed ?