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red-eye / крепкое дешевое виски
имя существительное
крепкое дешевое виски
имя существительное
the undesirable effect in flash photography of people appearing to have red eyes, caused by a reflection from the retina when the flashgun is too near the camera lens.
Techniques are given such as boosting reds and yellows to produce an effect like a warming filter on a camera or removing red-eye found in flash photos.
an overnight or late-night flight on a commercial airline.
she caught the red-eye back to New York
a freshwater fish with red eyes, in particular a rock bass.
cheap whiskey.
Straight whiskey these days, though, is no shot of red-eye in a dirty glass.
Some have ‘pre-flash’ to try and help stop this, but if you like to shoot portraits and you don't want your subjects showing red-eye , the definitive answer is really an SLR with its own tele lenses.
I could improve the resolution and remove red-eye .
The flight to East Africa was a red-eye , but it was daytime on my body clock, and I was fatigued from several days of traveling alone.
He had postponed his sales trip by one day to spend time with his sons and planned, after a day's work, to catch the red-eye home that night.
The east-bound flight is a red-eye leaving Sacramento at 11: 55 p.m.
The interface can be tweaked to show only the most used tools, such as cropping or fixing red-eye , or it can be expanded to give access to advanced features, such as masking and special effects.
Rotating, removing red-eye and simple cropping are well catered for, as are overall changes to a photo such as brightening an image or applying effects.
The printer will also remove red-eye .
Whiskey is no longer just the drink of cigar-smoking older men in suits or a shot of red-eye in a dirty glass down at the local saloon.
You can save even more if you're willing to take a red-eye or very early morning flight, or one with a stop or two.