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red-blooded / полнокровный, энергичный, сильный
имя прилагательное
plethoric, sanguineous, full-blooded, red-handed, red-blooded
vigorous, energetic, spirited, strenuous, dynamic, red-blooded
strong, keen, powerful, severe, heavy, red-blooded
имя прилагательное
(of a man) vigorous or virile, especially in having strong heterosexual appetites.
he was attracted to her, as any red-blooded male would be
Instead of 26 red-blooded men chasing one woman in the mess they would all be there as equals.
Nearly all the reports have been sent in by women, so please all those red-blooded males out there; be brave and let me now what is happening to you.
Liv was fair-skinned with smooth red hair, gray eyes, and a small body that acted liked a magnet for almost all red-blooded males in the school.
It emasculates the good old red-blooded , heterosexual Kiwi male.
In all fairness, she gives a compelling performance as well, but I'd like to know if there is a red-blooded male who isn't impressed by the whole package.
All red-blooded males should arrange to see this film now.
What red-blooded guy wouldn't want to trade places with him?
Then they say that he is a red-blooded heterosexual male, and that he is stressed and in need of psychiatric help.
What red-blooded male could resist such blandishments?
This whole emotion-based sports phenomenon goes right to the heart of any red-blooded male.