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recycle / рециркулировать
convert (waste) into reusable material.
car hulks were recycled into new steel
The company recycle all green waste into an excellent garden compost.
In Europe, 20 nations have implemented legislation to control and recycle packaging waste.
Please participate and clean our parish, eliminate dumping and recycle household waste by the proper means.
The iron and steel industry was now able to recycle waste material.
Residents and businesses in North Wiltshire need to do more to reduce, reuse and recycle waste to ensure that we do not need excessive areas of landfill in the future.
he reserves the right to recycle his own text
At a basic level, it is our moral obligation to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste.
Fallen drops may recycle sugars to the soil and thence to trees, or the insects may promote extra photosynthesis in host trees.
It banned pesticides for urban uses and built a biochemical plant to recycle organic wastes from the city's garbage.
he reserves the right to recycle his own text