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recyclable / для вторичной переработки
пригодный для переработки
имя прилагательное
able to be recycled.
People would soon be able to bring recyclable goods to the land fill.
имя существительное
a substance or object that can be recycled.
Bins would be dedicated to composting material, wood waste, tires, consumer recyclables , metals as well as regular solid wastes.
The borough council could make money from collecting this recyclable waste and all traders want is somewhere to put it.
It provides ‘green’ bins for recyclable waste, paper, tins, bottles and plastic.
They tell you how recyclable any plastic product is, though most of their products are wood and paper.
Under the law, he said it was illegal for recycling businesses to go to housing estates and collect recyclable waste directly.
Everyone else took pride in pelting them with recyclable plastic.
Collections for ordinary waste and recyclable waste were held on alternative weeks, and the results impressed council officials.
Last year the collection of dry recyclable goods was extended to an additional 110,000 households nationwide.
The organizers will provide you with resources to obtain biodegradable and recyclable utensils and paper products if you wish.
Ironically, CDs and DVDs are made from recyclable materials, yet the vast majority end up in landfills or incinerators anyway.
My job is to handle recyclable waste for 16 floors.