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recursive / рекурсивный
  • recursive acronym - рекурсивный акроним
имя прилагательное
characterized by recurrence or repetition, in particular.
The community's crisis of violence is reflected in a recursive narrative pattern, shaped out of repetitions and returns of the repressed memories of white violence in slavery.
She published papers on mathematical logic, recursive function theory, and theoretical computer science.
A recursive function is one that calls itself, often over and over again.
What I am saying is that it is inherently recursive (it operates on the products of its own operation).
Society was looking at itself too much already, was caught in recursive loops, and could more or less do this blindfolded.
Attempting to cure poverty by increasing the minimum wage is thus somewhat recursive .
An expression could invoke recursive functions or entire subprograms, for example.
Kleene's research was on the theory of algorithms and recursive functions.
He studied consistency of arithmetic, proving that formal arithmetic with recursive definitions is consistent.
And if you had a universe-sized computer, it could run all kinds of recursive worlds; it could, for instance, simulate an entire galaxy.
Politically negotiated opinions, informed and uninformed, expert and otherwise, are important factors in the recursive social policy process of analysis, formation and implementation.