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recurrent / рекуррентный, возвратный, повторяющийся
имя прилагательное
recurrent, reflexive, reactive
repeating, iterative, recurrent, rolling, reiterative, iterant
имя прилагательное
occurring often or repeatedly.
she had a recurrent dream about falling
(of a nerve or blood vessel) turning back so as to reverse direction.
It is imperative that the needle be positioned correctly so the recurrent laryngeal and phrenic nerves are not infiltrated with medication.
To this day, I still have recurrent dreams of the Corryvreckan, in which I find myself descending a watery spiral staircase to hell.
The recurrent problems continue unchecked under his stewardship, and he has not taken the lead in response to other disasters that befall the city.
Well I suppose a lot of people have a recurrent dream.
She has a remarkable likeness to an unknown figure who appears in his recurrent dreams, a fact that Paul takes as some sort of omen.
The right recurrent laryngeal nerve usually passes around and behind the subclavian artery and then ascends to enter the larynx.
Moreover, their posting to Britain was normally only one step in a career that will have taken them to many parts of the empire, including recurrent periods in the imperial capital or with the emperor.
it's a recurrent injury
I croaked, woken from my recurrent dream of loading reams of information onto the computer, by a banshee wail that went on and on, somewhere in the very near vicinity.
In a recurrent dream, repeated hundreds of times, she saw herself walking on a narrow bridge toward the Golden City.
Patterns are recurrent , regular attributes of world phenomena or abstract examples.