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recur / повторяться, рецидивировать, возвращаться
repeat, recur, occur again, tautologize, circulate
recur, recrudesce
return, come back, go back, get back, revert, recur
occur again, periodically, or repeatedly.
when the symptoms recurred, the doctor diagnosed something different
These are the themes that recur in his poems: absence, invasion, exile, loss.
In other cases, your GP will refer you again if your symptoms recur .
A number of themes recur in the anti-smoking campaigns.
In severe cases the soreness and pain are extreme and recur repeatedly accompanied by swelling of the joints and even deformity.
Attacks tend to occur in clusters, and symptoms may recur after an apparent period of remission.
They constitute a state of mind which is prone to recur .
In this article I would like to share with readers the themes that recur repeatedly in studies of successful organisations.
If the first tablet does not completely relieve the symptoms or if the symptoms recur after a few days, the second tablet can be taken.
However, the principle of the main theme recurring in the same key is usually adhered to.
If the record of this case shall be preserved in some substantial form, men and women of other generations will recur to it.