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recuperative / рекуперативный, восстанавливающий силы, укрепляющий
имя прилагательное
regenerative, recuperative, regeneratory
восстанавливающий силы
recuperative, recreative
strengthening, restorative, tonic, fortifying, alterative, recuperative
имя прилагательное
having the effect of restoring health or strength.
Trips to see his family tend to have a recuperative effect.
of or relating to the action of a recuperator or a similar heat exchanger.
His recuperative powers are almost otherworldly and his threshold for pain legendary.
Trips to see his family tend to have a recuperative effect.
A rap on my door startled me from an attempt at some recuperative sleep.
The best way to take advantage of sleep's recuperative powers is by napping.
The reopening of a recuperative care centre in Dartford has been welcomed by Darent Valley Hospital.
Telling her management team to cope, she took her son on a recuperative cruise in the Caribbean.
These surgeries involved long hospital stays, large scars, increased morbidity, and long recuperative periods for patients.
Thankfully the blackbird of her depression began to lift yesterday when we passed a quiet and for the most part recuperative Sunday.
Well, one could argue, there is something rather special, not to say recuperative , about an experience that is completely different from what you are used to.
The group includes some of the ten Austrian boys and girls who were then staying locally on a recuperative holiday.