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recuperate / выздоравливать, рекуперировать, восстанавливать
recover, recuperate, convalesce, pick up
restore, recover, recuperate, repair, reconstruct, regain
recover from illness or exertion.
she has been recuperating from a shoulder wound
recover or regain (something lost or taken).
they will seek to recuperate the returns that go with investment
After she hung up, she took a deep breath to recuperate her thoughts and wonder what she had gotten herself into.
Christmas is a time to recuperate
Now it is feared Mrs Huxley, whose signature was on the residents' village green application, might be hit with a bill if the developer looks to recuperate its legal costs.
they will seek to recuperate the returns that go with investment
Christmas is a time to recuperate
Indeed, by returning the money, the gang will be able to recuperate its money later on through rice-connected projects.
She said she was taking the students to court to recuperate her losses, and as a matter of principle.
He has raised prices by 3p a litre, on top of a national price rise of about the same amount put in place by BP, in an effort to recuperate losses.
The only way in which I can recuperate my humiliation is to turn it into an amusing anecdote that elicits laughter or sympathy.
To recuperate these costs and make the venture economically viable Bright Grey is going to have to secure a significant chunk of market share.