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rectum / прямая кишка
имя существительное
прямая кишка
имя существительное
the final section of the large intestine, terminating at the anus.
Cancer of the rectum may involve removing the whole rectum and anus.
In many cases the bowel will continue to work as before, with stools passing through the bowel, rectum and anus.
These sores occur mainly on the genitals, anus or in the rectum , but also can form on the lips and in the mouth.
The primary site of infection is the endocervix with secondary infection of the rectum or urethra.
This instrument is carefully passed through the rectum (back passage) and into the colon.
When the disease affects only the rectum - the final portion of the bowel, it is known as proctitis.
Cancer of the rectum may involve removing the whole rectum and anus.
Hemorrhoids occur when straining or pressure causes the veins in your rectum to swell and enlarge.
Bacteria from the rectum can travel up the urethra and cause infections more easily.
A probe is inserted in the rectum and the prostate looked at with ultrasound waves and any abnormal areas are sampled with a special needle.
This infection can affect the genitals, anus, rectum and throat, and can affect both men and women.