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rectitude / прямота, честность, правота
имя существительное
directness, straightforwardness, integrity, candor, rectitude, straightness
honesty, integrity, fairness, probity, honor, rectitude
rightness, rectitude, rightwards
имя существительное
morally correct behavior or thinking; righteousness.
Maddie is a model of rectitude
It brings a whole new meaning to moral rectitude .
They will, however, be loath to permit deviant minorities to wander from widely acknowledged paths of rectitude .
In class they would study hard; in the dorms they would be models of rectitude and self-discipline.
Maddie is a model of rectitude
Suffering does not necessarily confer saintliness or rectitude .
He now seems more than ever convinced of his own rectitude , more certain that his words and actions are necessarily benevolent.
She's high-strung, suspicious and full of moral rectitude .
We know that he has the moral rectitude to stand up to the vilest attacks and pressure.
Mattie is a model of rectitude
One excellent way to forget it is to focus with righteous rectitude on the evils of others while focusing on the nobility of oneself.