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rectilinear / прямолинейный
имя прилагательное
rectilinear, forthright, rectilineal, right-lined, single-eyed, straight-line
имя прилагательное
contained by, consisting of, or moving in a straight line or lines.
a rectilinear waveform
Inside the layout was rectilinear , with small single-room square houses lining the ramparts and a series of straight streets.
Such circles and lines, plus arabesques and rectilinear passages, occur in most of the work that follows.
The lenses were reported as the largest ever ground for photographic work-the telescopic rectilinear lens being 11 feet equivalent focus.
Hints of rectilinear buildings raise the possibility that the village may have switched to more Roman architectural styles in the latter part of the Roman period.
‘The interconnecting and in part rectilinear character of the network of white lines does not suggest origin by chemical inhibition,’ Wells suggested.
A long corridor acts as a horizontal spine connecting many small alcoves and hallways while an exposed concrete volume punctures this rectilinear framework as an enigmatic vertical intervention.
The third law says that the motion of any moving body tends to be rectilinear , even if in fact it is circular or curved through collision.
Flattened columns measuring about 2 feet in height, they feature irregular curves wedded to a rectilinear vertical edge - a motif echoed in some of the paintings.
Slate floor tiles and boxlike built-in cherry wall cabinets - some of which are open for display - establish the room's rectilinear frame.
Straight lines meet curved; rectilinear bases rise to occasional arches and on up to golden domes.