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rectify / исправлять, выпрямлять, ректифицировать
correct, fix, mend, rectify, repair, reclaim
straighten, rectify, right, flatten, erect, unbend
correct, better, mend, repair, rearrange, rectify
improve, better, refine, perfect, improve on, rectify
put (something) right; correct.
mistakes made now cannot be rectified later
convert (alternating current) to direct current.
rectified AC power systems
find a straight line equal in length to (a curve).
That would rectify the situation pretty quickly.
Physicists have built a novel device that relies on electron spin to rectify current.
The GP was given a reprimand after her solicitor said she ‘accepted there was a lack of sympathetic handling’, but had made efforts to rectify her mistakes.
And, in many cases, they're working to try to rectify that situation.
The government resolved to rectify the situation.
Do you believe that constitutional reform is needed to rectify the situation?
We are also investigating tunnel diodes, which rectify the IR-frequency current waves in the antenna arms.
Rather, he left a clear indication of the problem in the confident expectation that some later scholar would rectify matters.
If the basket is removed it may be used to manufacture or rectify alcohol.
I am told that the folks there are well aware of the problems and they're already working to rectify matters when the films are repeated in a few months.