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recruit / вербовать, завербовать, пополнять
recruit, enlist, enroll, beat up, muster in, enrol
recruit, hook
replenish, supplement, fill in, recruit, make up, fill out
имя существительное
rookie, recruit, conscript, dogface, squaddie, jeep
recruit, intake, rookie, dogface
inductee, conscript, recruit, draftee, yearling, selectee
имя существительное
a person newly enlisted in the armed forces and not yet fully trained.
3,000 army recruits at Ft. Benjamin
enlist (someone) in the armed forces.
they recruit their toughest soldiers from the desert tribes
Walsh had enlisted as a recruit with the Marines during 1933.
Of the 20 who began the course earlier this year two have already enlisted and will begin recruit training at HMAS Cerberus in January.
Actually, I'm trying to recruit a new team member at the moment (we're in online customer service).
He was doing poorly in school, and gang members were trying to recruit him.
Putting it bluntly, the Army needs to recruit those for infantry and other front line combat units who are prepared to advance upon and kill others, albeit in a disciplined and trained manner.
there are plans to recruit more staff later this year
Security officials also have warned of plots by retired military officers to recruit soldiers on active duty to launch a coup d'état.
There are also plans to recruit junior doctors, so more staff will be on hand to treat patients.
The Chief of Defence Staff said to achieve this, the military would have to recruit new soldiers between two and three times annually and build additional bases.
Murray and Scales also argue that the United States should recruit different leaders for the specialized units needed for the asymmetrical battlefield.