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recrimination / взаимные обвинения, взаимное обвинение, встречное обвинение
имя существительное
взаимные обвинения
взаимное обвинение
встречное обвинение
recrimination, countercharge
имя существительное
an accusation in response to one from someone else.
there are no tears, no recriminations
there was a period of bitter recrimination
there was a period of bitter recrimination
Matters aren't helped by the fact that the bitter recriminations continue to rumble on.
What transpires is a downward spiral of shame and recriminations culminating in Veena being shunned by her family and turned out of the house.
As the meeting progressed, it was clear the anger, the resentment and the recriminations had, temporarily at least, dissipated.
Accusations and recriminations are thrown about and the characters occasionally become overwrought.
Johnson held the squad and management together when recriminations threatened to tear it to pieces.
This morning's Cabinet meeting is also expected to be tense, especially after the latest round of recriminations .
It begins in desire, and ends in bitterness and contempt and mutual recriminations .
After being bombarded with tears and recriminations , my dad finally gives up.