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recreation / отдых, развлечение, восстановление сил
имя существительное
rest, recreation, relaxation, refreshment, repose, comfort
entertainment, amusement, game, distraction, diversion, recreation
восстановление сил
recuperation, recreation, rejuvenation, refreshment, rejuvenescence, rally
refreshing, recreation, renovation
change, turn, shift, break, alteration, recreation
имя существительное
activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.
areas used for recreation such as hiking or biking
the action or process of creating something again.
the periodic destruction and recreation of the universe
The cost of the course, which has been organised by Kingston's sports and recreation department, is £8.
sport and recreation facilities
sport and recreation facilities
In addition, we typically devote one class per week to recreation and leisure activities.
physical recreation
This is in line with government policy aimed at increasing participation in sport and recreation in these areas.
the stage is a recreation of the room
Ambitious plans to transform a disused piece of land in York into a fully-equipped community sports and recreation facility have moved a step closer to reality.
The diverse needs of wildlife, aesthetics, bio-diversity and recreation all have to be juggled.
Hanmer Forest needs to be maintained in the future for public enjoyment, for recreation and for education.