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recreate / отдыхать, развлекаться, освежаться
rest, relax, vacation, holiday, repose, recreate
have a good time, recreate, sport, dally, disport, disport oneself
create again.
the door was now open to recreate a single German state
the door was now open to recreate a single German state
Mackenzie and her team followed that genetic trail to recreate the mutation in the lab.
The house, as it is today, is the result of two years work by the current owners to restore and recreate a period house.
the door was now open to recreate a single German state
The world would be better off without terrorism, but governments must not follow policies that recreate the problem.
If you aren't recreating medieval fire processions or pogoing with 100,000 people, it seems you don't have much choice as to how you toast the New Year in public.
It also includes artist impressions together with a painting by Jonathan Foyle, recreating the abbey as it may have appeared in about 1500 from the River Thames.
Phillips begins by recreating the journey he took as a four-month-old baby from the island of St Kitts in the West Indies to England in 1958.
He also invited a group of re-enactors who specialise in recreating key moments from the history of the Wild West.
Once or twice I almost jumped as we encountered startlingly lifelike mannequins standing in rooms, recreating historical characters from the castle's past.