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recoverable / возместимый, поправимый, излечимый
имя прилагательное
reparable, remediable, rectifiable, corrigible, retrievable, recoverable
curable, remediable, medicable, recoverable
имя прилагательное
(of something lost) able to be regained or retrieved.
I have one or two criticisms of this operating system, because errors of the kind that I made should be recoverable but are not.
(of an energy source or a supply of it) able to be economically extracted from the ground or sea.
Nearly half of the world's economically recoverable oil reserves have already been extracted and around 50 countries have passed their point of peak oil output.
These hold an estimated 1.7 trillion barrels of petroleum, of which 255 billion barrels is currently considered recoverable .
Saudi Arabia has more than 261 billion barrels of proven oil reserves - more than a fourth of the world total - and perhaps a trillion barrels of potentially recoverable oil.
When someone dies their debts are only recoverable from their estate.
He said that damages were not recoverable for breach of the minimum commitment clause.
Using the price as a basis for economically recoverable reserves, some oil companies developed a price-reserves relationship that incorrectly led to increased estimates of oil reserves.
And this time, the U.S. is finally beginning to run out of domestic oil and easily recoverable natural gas.
Experts have been saying that we have another 40 or so years of cheap recoverable crude oil left.
These are costs which are not recoverable in terms of the prices we obtain.
Lost British gold in Spanish waters may now be recoverable with the use of deep-water robots.
It has just completed an assessment of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil and natural gas resources in five geologic basins in the Rocky Mountain region.