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recourse / обращение за помощью, выход, доступ
имя существительное
обращение за помощью
recourse, resort, recurrence
output, exit, out, outlet, escape, recourse
access, approach, entrance, admission, admittance, recourse
спасительное средство
recourse, resort
tolerance, admittance, allowance, limit, right of entrance, recourse
имя существительное
a source of help in a difficult situation.
surgery may be the only recourse
Mayer contrasts this process with the recourse NAFTA gives corporations to fight local laws that interfere with their ability to profit.
Many trade unions have had recourse to what is called, rightly or wrongly, fictitious employees.
a means of solving disputes without recourse to courts of law
all three countries had recourse to the IMF for standby loans
If the precedent of other provinces was followed in Britain, larger landowners would have had recourse to two strategies to protect their interests.
Though much of his career was outside South Australia, the abilities of Sir Richard Blackburn greatly impressed those before whom he appeared and those who have had recourse to his judgments.
Violence should not be a first recourse , but that doesn't change the fact that some people really need to be dealt with.
a means of solving disputes without recourse to courts of law
But, as is so often the case, such strong measures were the recourse of a weak regime.
If this does not happen, there will be a possible recourse to arms.