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recoup / компенсировать, отыгрываться, возмещать
offset, compensate, make up, recoup, indemnify, redress
recoup, center out, regain one's money
reimburse, repay, indemnify, compensate, pay, recoup
regain (something lost or expended).
rains have helped recoup water levels
If you live in the West, chances are your electric bill subsidizes irrigation, a cost you're supposed to recoup from lower food prices at the grocery store.
oil companies are keen to recoup their investment
the company turned to the real estate industry to recoup them
It's unlikely that he could recoup his loss if he sold the property after the cleanup.
In the absence of authorisation or ratification of the payment, the bank must in my judgment meet this claim and recoup the sum paid, if they can, from the third party to which it was paid.
It is clear that when it withheld money due under the contract it did so in order to recoup its losses.
Efforts will be made to recoup the lost teaching and learning time in the second term.
sleep was what she needed to recoup her strength
But patching a system won't recover stolen data, recoup competitive advantage or revive consumer confidence.
oil companies are keen to recoup their investment