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recorder / регистратор, магнитофон, протоколист
имя существительное
recorder, receptionist, file, actuary
tape recorder, recorder
имя существительное
an apparatus for recording sound, pictures, or data, especially a tape recorder.
German investigators were to begin analysing information from the planes' flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders yesterday.
a person who keeps records.
a poet and recorder of rural and industrial life
a simple wind instrument with finger holes and no keys, held vertically and played by blowing air through a shaped mouthpiece against a sharp edge.
Sheet music at five cents a page, mouth organs manufactured in Germany, tin whistles and recorders from St Petersburg, and pianola rolls were among the commodities the stores offered for sale.
(in England and Wales) a barrister appointed to serve as a part-time judge.
Parliament ultimately is also responsible for the provision of resources by way of judges, Recorders , courtrooms and staff, to enable cases to be heard within those custody time limits.
In woodwind instruments, such as the recorder or flute, the pitch of the note depends on the length of the closed tube.
I think I will definitely have to invest in either a voice recorder or a microphone attachment for my iPod to try and get some of these details when I talk with people.
Last summer, I played my flute and my recorder in a Celtic Band class at the Albuquerque Academy.
I have never thought of the recorder as an instrument of any great character, even when well played, but Mr Morse-Owen made me think again.
Every child learns to play musical instruments, the recorder in the third grade and the violin in the sixth grade.
The music will be performed live on stage in a band that includes bass, violin, electric guitar and stranger instruments like the recorder and pots and pans.
The recorder captured the sounds of loud thumps, crashes, shouts, and breaking glasses and plates.
She plays the violin, viola and piano, while Antony plays the viola, cello, double bass, tuba, guitar and recorder .
The judge permitted the court recorder to indicate that the witness declined to respond to the question.
If you are a musician you may also use the voice recorder to record songs you play or sing.