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reconvene / возобновить работу
возобновить работу
resume operation, meet again
convene or cause to convene again, especially after a pause in proceedings.
as soon as the Senate reconvenes next month
Resolving the issue has been left for September, when Parliament is to reconvene after the summer recess.
The group agreed to reconvene in one month's time.
If no progress is reached in talks with the Department by the end of next month, then the Council will reconvene and decide on its next strategy.
it was agreed to reconvene the permanent commission
it was agreed to reconvene the permanent commission
The court also said the suspended, democratically elected parliament had to reconvene .
China, Japan, North and South Korea, Russia and the United States had agreed in June to reconvene the talks by the end of September.
It was agreed to reconvene the meeting in order to allow ‘top table’ seats to be contested.
The parties have also argued that the king can reconvene the parliament dissolved in May 2002 to restore the democratic process.
Sir Michael intends to reconvene his inquiry in six months to check the progress of his recommendations.