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reconstruct / реконструировать, восстанавливать, перестраивать
reconstruct, remodel, rebuild, restore, rehabilitate, overhaul
restore, recover, recuperate, repair, reconstruct, regain
rebuild, reconstruct, rearrange, reform, realign, overhaul
build or form (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed.
a small area of painted Roman plaster has been reconstructed
Dewey wanted to reconstruct philosophy to be a force of social reform and was personally involved in projects designed to bring about concrete changes in society.
Geologists have devised a number of clever ways to reconstruct the past movements of tectonic plates.
Fortunately, Mr. Cohen was able to reconstruct what had happened via official U.S. war crimes investigation reports, only recently made available.
He may then be obliged to reconstruct a past event, of which he has no memory, by references or deductions from the information provided to him.
From this, the experts have been able to reconstruct a three-dimensional computer model of what the forum - twice the size of the tribunal at Pompeii - would have looked like.
Gently engage the child in conversation or activities that draw out and reconstruct what happened.
This article will discuss the rehabilitation required following surgery to reconstruct this ligament.
from copies of correspondence it is possible to reconstruct the broad sequence of events
What must be done now is to expedite efforts to reconstruct the country and restore security there.
Tympanoplasty is a surgical procedure done to reconstruct the ear bone system to improve the hearing abilities in a person.