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reconstitute / восстанавливать, воспроизводить, возрождать
restore, recover, recuperate, repair, reconstruct, reconstitute
reproduce, play back, render, copy, reconstitute
revive, restore, regenerate, renew, reconstitute, re-edify
build up again from parts; reconstruct.
Now, with his note cards for backup, he was reconstituting his original speech from memory.
We are going to reconstitute the Court for the next case, so we will adjourn now and resume at 2 pm.
In the U.S., the people themselves can reconstitute all branches of the government - by voting for certain candidates instead of others, of course, and by thus affecting political appointments.
Once it's dry, grind it up into a powder and reconstitute with water or vinegar as needed.
Later, it would begin to reconstitute the government.
As a result, Liberal Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt was able to reconstitute a four-party coalition government in July 2003, this time with only the Liberals and Socialists in power.
It is easy enough to do, as Justice Callaway points out, when there is knowledge and disclosure at the start, because one can reconstitute the court relatively simply.
It was made by taking a lot of meat and boiling it lengthily, then reducing the liquid to a syrupy consistency, after which it would dry quite hard and keep well until the time came to reconstitute it with boiling water.
Rather, it is by engaging in these interactions that organizations constitute and reconstitute themselves as social realities.
You reconstitute dried formula with water - although ‘ready-to-feed’ formula is also available in cartons.
The legislation aims to reconstitute the existing government postal department as a profit-making corporation - the first step towards the complete privatisation of the postal service.