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reconnoitre / разведывать, вести разведку, рекогносцировать
explore, reconnoiter, reconnoitre, ferret, find out, investigate
вести разведку
reconnoiter, reconnoitre, scout, recce
reconnoitre, reconnoiter
имя существительное
reconnaissance, reconnoitre, reconnoiter, recce
intelligence, reconnaissance, scouting, intelligence service, exploring, reconnoitre
a nocturnal reconnoitre of the camp
A further reconnoitre involved canoeing the perimeter of Loch Morlich to check out the possibilities.
If accosted on a reconnoitre , they claimed they were looking for scrap.
After interrogation it was discovered that their mission had been to reconnoitre the base for an attack within 72 hours.
A quick reconnoitre seems the best idea before finding somewhere to eat.
He foisted the box of worthless gadgets back onto Katie then did a quick reconnoitre of their current position.
Once he declared the aircraft safe, I completed a final reconnoitre of the site to 50m out from the wreckage.
On 21 August 1914, a squadron of 120 cavalrymen belonging to the 4th Dragoon Guards were sent forward to reconnoitre the land ahead of the advancing British Expeditionary Force.
Special Forces reconnoitered the jungle, looking for U.N. forces being held hostage as part of Cobra Gold 2002 exercises.
The naval commander, chosen for his aggressiveness, was new to Lake Champlain, knew nothing of its winds, and failed to reconnoiter the American position.