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reconnaissance / разведывательный
имя прилагательное
intelligence, reconnaissance, recce
имя существительное
intelligence, reconnaissance, scouting, intelligence service, exploring, secret service
reconnaissance, reconnoitre, reconnoiter, recce
probing, reconnaissance, recce
sounding, probing, probe, reconnaissance, recce
имя существительное
military observation of a region to locate an enemy or ascertain strategic features.
an excellent aircraft for low-level reconnaissance
Thus, they may be carrying out reconnaissance of areas for future breeding or staging sites.
an excellent aircraft for low-level reconnaissance
The Americans were part of a reconnaissance team looking to reopen previously shut oil wells.
Eisenhower found out about British preparations for war from US reconnaissance photos.
Additionally, there is a finite amount of terrain that supports the movement of reconnaissance forces.
reconnaissance missions
It can also carry out reconnaissance , combat support and patrol missions.
The commander must be ready to adjust his reconnaissance focus as the situation changes or develops.
Each of these systems brought some degree of unique reconnaissance capability to the squadron.
Our snipers and reconnaissance Marines excelled at this task, as one would expect of trained observers.