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recondition / ремонтировать, перестраивать, переоборудовать
repair, fix, renovate, overhaul, recondition, mend
rebuild, reconstruct, rearrange, reform, realign, recondition
retool, refit, re-equip, rejig, recondition
condition again.
Blake wanted him in tip-top condition and reconditioned by the end of the week.
Battery specialty stores, listed in many yellow pages under ‘batteries,’ can recondition old rechargeables for just a few dollars.
It's got loyal customers as well as the infrastructure that's needed to store, ship, repair, and recondition used cars.
Another treatment that may help some people with insomnia is to recondition them to associate the bed and bedtime with sleep.
‘It will take a team of engineers four months to recondition each helicopter before they can be put back into service,’ he said.
Veerappan, after being used to living in the jungle, couldn't recondition himself to the idea of migrating to concretized Chennai.
The use of hand lotion to recondition skin is considered most beneficial when the application is followed by a longer time period before washing occurs again.
You can recondition your air to remove the carbon dioxide and to restore the oxygen.
Some cell phone companies recondition cell phones and then give the phones to groups that put them to good use.
It is ludicrous to even consider that advanced extraterrestrials are traveling millions of light years across the universe (if they could find us in the first place) just to recondition our spiritual beliefs.
Ignoring the fact that everyone thinks I'm crazy to get back on the bike, what are some things to watch out for as I recondition my body after a six-month layoff?