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reconcile / согласовать, примирять, согласовывать
conform, reconcile, quadrate
reconcile, conciliate, accommodate, compound, propitiate
coordinate, harmonize, reconcile, accord, accommodate, dovetail
reconcile, make peace
reconcile, be reconciled, put up, resign oneself
restore friendly relations between.
she wanted to be reconciled with her father
But, this time, he was unable to reconcile internecine squabbles.
This exercise allows you to reconcile the total amount of PAYE entered onto the certificates with the annualised PAYE paid over to the Receiver of Revenue.
it is not necessary to reconcile the cost accounts to the financial accounts
It's a fondness I can't reconcile with any feminist leanings I might have, so I've learned to embrace it as a guilty pleasure.
The company bosses have said it is ‘regrettable’ that a rail union official did not attend a meeting staged to help reconcile their long-running dispute over pay.
It is where women can reconcile being feminine and being unique.
he could not reconcile himself to the thought of his mother stocking shelves
Educators at all levels need to reconcile rigor and creativity, and to treat them as compatible, coexisting dimensions of intelligence.
But it would appear that even death has failed to reconcile the feud between her and her son, Richard, who was noticeably absent from his mother's funeral last Saturday.
it is not necessary to reconcile the cost accounts to the financial accounts