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recon / recon
  • recon mission - разведывательная миссия
Using his charm and looks he could get anything he wanted any time he wanted and usually did all the secret recon and spy jobs.
Sometimes, it's also useful to bait the enemies, sending the team forward to recon , and then calling it back.
This was to be a recon , designed to let them size up their opponent and plan an attack.
Ian and I will recon ahead and clear a landing zone for you.
I glanced at the large clock tower located in the center of the town for a moment, deciding that we had a while before the others would be finished with their own recon .
Trying to recon ahead with the whole squad, for example, often results in one man's folly exposing the entire squad and getting everyone else killed.
They are extremely useful in aiding the reconnaissance-gathering capabilities of the battalion recon platoon.
His CO, Major Mack Conrad, ordered Grace to take one of the company's Hurricane Mobile Assault Vehicles in to recon the city and see what kind of defenses had been set up.
But along the way, you'll find yourself facing bad intelligence or in one case, the plane doing the recon goes down and you have to go in to finish your objective and rescue the pilot who was supposed to do your intelligence.
Once this task was complete, both air troops returned to the objective to conduct an area recon of six bridge sites.