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recompense / возместить, воздать, компенсировать
compensate, make up, recompense
offset, compensate, make up, recoup, indemnify, recompense
имя существительное
retribution, retaliation, nemesis, reward, recompense, comeuppance
compensation, satisfaction, indemnification, offset, reimbursement, recompense
возмещение убытков
restitution, refund, recompense, recoupment
имя существительное
compensation or reward given for loss or harm suffered or effort made.
substantial damages were paid in recompense
make amends to (someone) for loss or harm suffered; compensate.
offenders should recompense their victims
In recompense , he was given a free chicken salad sandwich and all the sweets he could eat.
He deserved any extra proceeds that might have resulted from the increase in the cost of building materials he used, and he deserves recompense for all his efforts to improve the property and renovate it over time.
However, asking for direct recompense is problematic for several reasons.
Compensation for those wrongly convicted isn't just to recompense them, it's supposed to express our disapproval of their conviction in the way that a civil case would punish a negligent surgeon.
In high-profile cases, the tobacco industry has recently paid enormous amounts to recompense individuals damaged by its products.
We must remember that in a fair society, an individual who has genuinely incurred loss due to the negligence of another, should have some recompense for that loss.
One of the interesting things for me is that these Australian scientists really want to come home, if only they can continue with their research and receive adequate recompense for that research.
In recompense , though, they provide much more extensive information than the other museums about each work.
Councillors are entitled to basic allowances to recompense them for the hours they put in sitting on committees and reading reports and agendas.
In recompense , the company offered $100 gift certificates to customers who didn't get their packages.