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recommend / рекомендовать, порекомендовать, советовать
recommend, advise, commend, counsel
advise, consult, recommend, suggest, give advice, admonish
put forward (someone or something) with approval as being suitable for a particular purpose or role.
George had recommended some local architects
commend or entrust someone or something to (someone).
I devoutly recommended my spirit to its maker
I'll recommend you to my friends
I would strongly recommend that you employ the services of a qualified professional as this is not really a DIY job.
the plan has little to recommend it
We strongly recommend the Olive Branch for lunch, whether you are in a hurry or not.
I strongly recommend reading it yourself to make your own judgement about what it says.
the house had much to recommend it
His critique of the corporatization of politics has much to recommend it.
In addition, we strongly recommend better monitoring of all detainees.
For those reasons, we strongly recommend that all water systems be metered and monitored.
In summary, this is an excellent volume that I recommend without reservation to biologists in all disciplines.