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recollect / вспоминать, припоминать, вновь собрать
remember, recall, recollect, think, reminisce
remember, recollect
вновь собрать
имя существительное
memory, recollection, flashback, remembrance, reminiscence, recollect
remember (something); call to mind.
he could not quite recollect the reason
collect or gather again.
after re-collecting our apples for the second time, Bruno brought us a couple of nice sturdy sacks
She remained in the position for quite some time as she struggled to recollect her bearings.
he could not quite recollect the reason
he could not quite recollect the reason
One minister has seemingly confirmed such a meeting took place but other ministers don't recollect it.
can you recollect how your brother reacted?
She discovered that it was possible to wake up weeping, crushed by grief even before her conscious mind could recollect the source of the pain.
He racked his mind to recollect the whole conversation - then he got it.
She doesn't recollect historical moments by their dates, she just closes her eyes and remembers how old she was, or what she was doing when they happened.
Laura tired to recollect the past week in her mind.
Old-timers recollect long rows of bullock carts transporting goods from the warehouses at the Vallakkadavu dockyard.