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recoil / отшатнуться, отпрянуть, отпрыгивать
recoil, start back, shrink, shy, recollect
recoil, shrink, spring back, shy, rebound
recoil, jump back, jump aside
имя существительное
return, recoil, output, efficiency, kickback, rebound
rebound, bounce, recoil, bound
имя существительное
the action of recoiling.
his body jerked with the recoil of the rifle
suddenly spring or flinch back in fear, horror, or disgust.
he recoiled in horror
One caution: be sure you have the scope mounted properly in terms of recoil .
And still some people might react with disgust at the idea, recoil at the thought of it, or simply say that it's too strong a word.
his body jerked with the recoil of the rifle
The recoil from the shot blew James onto his back, unconscious once again.
The recoil brought the barrel upwards and it smacked into her face, leaving a livid bruise.
Ronni felt herself recoil at the very thought
It seems that many of those in the American elite who would recoil at the idea of explicit quotas are happy to tolerate more subtle systems that accomplish the same thing.
Composites recoil or bounce as they absorb much of the energy from a slow blow, and they don't catch fire as readily either.
the soothsayers agreed that all the dangers would recoil on the heads of those who were in possession of the entrails
The assembly is strong and rigid, with no ring or scope movement from recoil .