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recognize / распознавать, признавать, узнавать
recognize, identify, distinguish, discern, discriminate, diagnose
confess, accept, recognize, admit, acknowledge, concede
learn, recognize, know, inquire, find out, get to know
identify (someone or something) from having encountered them before; know again.
I recognized her when her wig fell off
acknowledge the existence, validity, or legality of.
the defense is recognized in Mexican law
Once power is applied and the USB cable connected, the computer should immediately recognize the drive and make it ready for use.
Yet one has to recognize at the outset that there are methodological problems with this.
it is important to recognize that a variety of indirect forms of discrimination operate
For their part, landlords resented the tendency of British governments and rational commentators to fail to recognize the difficulties they encountered.
How do I go about disabling the on-board sound so that the computer will recognize and use the new sound card?
The US and Japan have refused to recognize Taiwan as an independent state for over two decades.
Only 26 countries, most of them in Central America, Africa and the South Pacific, recognize the Republic of China, the official name used by Taipei.
Protesters also point out that this view is shared by dozens of African and Carribean nations which have refused to recognize Latortue's government.
they were refusing to recognize the puppet regime
Plug that into the now-ubiquitous USB port on a PC or Mac and the computer will recognize it automatically.