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recognizance / обязательство, залог, признание
имя существительное
obligation, commitment, undertaking, liability, engagement, recognizance
pledge, deposit, guarantee, bail, security, recognizance
confession, recognition, acknowledgment, admission, acceptance, recognizance
имя существительное
a bond by which a person undertakes before a court or magistrate to observe some condition, especially to appear when summoned.
he was released on his own recognizance
he was released on his own recognizance of £30,000
He was arrested for violating the terms of his recognizance .
he was released on his own recognizance
She failed to comply with the terms of her release by failing to comply with the conditions of her recognizance .
To my surprise, she told me that she wouldn't oppose my request that Fred be released on his own recognizance .
They were released on their own recognisances pending their next court appearance on July 15.
It records that he has an extensive criminal record, including threats, numerous failures to comply with recognizances and probation orders and three failures to appear.