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recognition / признание, распознавание, опознавание
имя существительное
confession, recognition, acknowledgment, admission, acceptance, avowal
recognition, discrimination, distinction, discernment
recognition, identification
имя существительное
the action or process of recognizing or being recognized, in particular.
Neither was there official recognition of the existence of an accounting profession.
He deserves official recognition for his work here.
The Indian people of Mexico are on the verge of gaining recognition of their existence and having their rights become a political fact in the constitutional and social reality of Mexico.
The industry has changed out of all recognition and I think the time has come to call it a day.
Everyone likes a bit of recognition or acknowledgement, and a bit of self-esteem was never a bad thing;
In particular, the regime demands formal U.S. and international recognition of the permanence of the borders under its control.
At the same time our knowledge of biochemistry has grown out of all recognition .
Stacy glances at us as we emerge, but she makes no sign of recognition .
Delivering the Vietnam Veteran's Day speech, Premier Paul Lennon said he was pleased the veterans were now receiving proper recognition .
she received the award in recognition of her courageous human rights work