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recline / возлежать, откидываться, полулежать
lean or lie back in a relaxed position with the back supported.
she was reclining in a deck chair
Do not recline your seat just as the person behind you opens their food tray.
If the seat reclines does it recline enough so that your newborn can lie almost flat.
For added comfort, its rear seats recline by 10 degrees.
You're settling in for the long flight when you get the urge to recline your seat.
The airline cut economy seating and focused on attracting business travellers with seats that recline to beds.
The seat doesn't recline , so you'll do more reading.
Further refinements mean that the rear seats both slide and recline .
I use my time in the air to work, read or sleep, and I can do none of the above if I am squeezed into a little space with someone else's head in my face when they recline their seat in front of me.
It is an uncomfortable plane, only superficially like the Boeing; it has feeble air conditioning, and the seats hardly recline .
The new, improved seats recline to an angle of 143 degrees, and a whole row of seats has been removed to give even more leg room.