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recital / сольный концерт, рассказ, описание
имя существительное
сольный концерт
story, narrative, tale, narration, recital, anecdote
description, specification, depiction, definition, declaration, recital
narrative, narration, recital, relation
exposition, statement, narration, recitation, recital, presentment
имя существительное
the performance of a program of music by a solo instrumentalist or singer or by a small group.
a piano recital
an enumeration or listing of connected names, facts, or elements;.
a recital of their misfortunes
the part of a legal document that explains the purpose of the deed and gives factual information.
You might note that the Crown law officer who drafted the lease got the proclamation wrong in the recitals but otherwise the documents are there, your Honours.
Italian restaurants restricted their list to Italian wines; French restaurant wine lists were a recital of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne.
Next Friday it performs a recital of sacred choral music at Christ Church Cathedral, Waterford.
I gave my first recital at the Royal College
a recital of their misfortunes
This work is not a recital of the principal events connected with Guru Nanak's life nor is it a compendium of his teachings.
That many people have begun to find a recital of these dangers tiresome is perhaps an even greater threat.
Their questions are good and they aren't looking for a recital of the details of the platform.
They gave a video show outlining the history of the company, and the school's music teacher performed a recital .
a piano recital
A very brief recital of the relevant facts will suffice.