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reciprocate / отвечать взаимностью, обмениваться, отплачивать
отвечать взаимностью
reciprocate, love back, reciprocate feeling, return love, return affection
swap, trade, change, interchange, swop, reciprocate
repay, pay, retaliate, pay back, requite, reciprocate
respond to (a gesture or action) by making a corresponding one.
the favor was reciprocated
(of a part of a machine) move backward and forward in a straight line.
a reciprocating blade
perhaps I was expected to reciprocate with some remark of my own
Filipinos avoid people who do not reciprocate a favour.
It was a pointed gesture from the Africans, and the question now is; are we able to reciprocate their welcoming gestures and acknowledge their willingness to work with us?
What I did was to reciprocate the gesture he made to me.
I had one relationship with a girl who truly loved me, but I was unable to reciprocate her love.
They make us believe that they reciprocate our loyalty and friendship.
In March 1999, Russia unilaterally cut customs duties on some Bulgarian imports and has been expecting Bulgaria to reciprocate .
Learn to respect and reciprocate small gestures of concern, kindness, compassion and humanity.
Will those who claim to represent the Hindu populace reciprocate the gesture?
perhaps I was expected to reciprocate with some remark of my own