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recidivist / рецидивист
имя существительное
recidivist, jailbird, old offender, repeater, gaol-bird
имя прилагательное
повторно заболевший
имя существительное
a convicted criminal who reoffends, especially repeatedly.
Only a handful of recidivists and unrepentant individuals convicted of major crimes against the faith were put to death.
имя прилагательное
denoting a person who repeatedly reoffends.
recidivist male prisoners
New South Wales has a lot of recidivist bank robbers.
What evidence does he have that new sentencing laws are providing greater protection to the community from serious and recidivist offenders?
I want to see these young, recidivist offenders locked up, as they should be.
The forecasts show that recidivist offenders are now more likely to be convicted, taken off the streets, and kept off the streets.
However, last time we were there, she proved unexpectedly recidivist .
It is unlikely they would be lenient with someone they view as a recidivist .
Much of the public support grew out of sympathy for Polly Klaas, a young girl who was kidnapped and murdered in California by a recidivist criminal.
Violent recidivist criminals should be permanently removed from society, perhaps by being put to work on an outlying New Zealand island.
We support anything that tries to get recidivist drink-drivers off the road.
In addition, there could well be people whom the police are aware are recidivist offenders but, as it so happens, have not been caught for or convicted of an offence for 7 years.