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recharge / перезарядка, заряд, контратака
имя существительное
recharge, reloading, overcharge
charge, recharge, load, cartridge, filling, filler
counterattack, recharge
recharge, reload, overcharge
restore an electric charge to (a battery or a battery-operated device) by connecting it to a device that draws power from another source of electricity.
he plugged his razor in to recharge it
имя существительное
the replenishment of an aquifer by the absorption of water.
Condensation of water vapour in the atmosphere over the oceans returns it directly to its source, and its condensation over land accounts for surface flow, recharge of underground water aquifers, and plant and animal life.
he plugged his razor in to recharge it
Users can recharge their phone or chuck it away and get another one.
Any electric car that uses batteries needs a charging system to recharge the batteries.
Extraction of water from aquifers in India exceeds recharge by a factor of two or more.
the drill takes about three hours to recharge
It is a good step, but areas suitable for rooftop collection and areas suitable for artificial recharge of groundwater have not been identified so far.
And consideration of the impacts that climate change will have and how we can adapt to these changes requires work on topics such as permafrost stability and groundwater recharge .
In a major technological accomplishment, the energy needed to recharge the internal battery is transmitted via radio waves - all without the need for wires.
After development, precipitation no longer percolates through the soil to recharge the groundwater.
On the base of the device is the cradle connector and a separate power jack, allowing you to recharge the device when you're away from your desk.