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recess / углубление, выемка, паз
имя существительное
deepening, recess, depression, socket, pit, intensification
recess, notch, groove, excavation, hollow, indentation
groove, slot, notch, recess, channel, mortise
делать перерыв
recess, adjourn
отодвигать назад
recess, set back
прятать в тайник
имя существительное
a small space created by building part of a wall further back from the rest.
a table set into a recess
a period of time when the proceedings of a parliament, committee, court of law, or other official body are temporarily suspended.
talks resumed after a month's recess
attach (a fixture) by setting it back into the wall or surface to which it is fixed.
recessed ceiling lights
(of formal proceedings) be temporarily suspended.
the talks recessed at 2:15
the Senate was in recess
Grabbing me by the arm he pushed me into a recess in the wall and then pressed himself against me flattening us into the wall.
The bell went, ending recess and starting class.
That difference led to the latest round of talks breaking for a recess .
Some people were dancing near the DJ on the stage but it looked more like the playground as recess in elementary school than a high school dance.
Fights broke out daily - not just during recess or bathroom breaks but also in the middle of lessons.
He tells her to hold out her hand, and he hits it several times, then makes her stand in front of the class until recess .
Parliament was in recess
the concrete block has a recess in its base
It starts in August when Parliament, like football, is in recess , the law courts go to sleep and a lot of us are on holiday.