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receptacle / сосуд, приемник, вместилище
имя существительное
vessel, container, receptacle, jar, bulb, tabernacle
receiver, receptacle, recipient, transducer, container
receptacle, container, repository, cistern
имя существительное
an object or space used to contain something.
trash receptacles
an enlarged area at the apex of a stem that bears the organs of a flower or the florets of a flower head.
The strawberry you eat isn't really a fruit at all, but the enlarged receptacle of the flower - a member of the rose family.
Petal length was measured as the length of the petal from its apex to its adaxial junction with the receptacle .
Deer remove the whole flower or the full complement of follicles plus the receptacle , leaving only the cut pedicel.
In new home construction, plan to locate an electrical receptacle and coaxial cable and speaker cable outlets behind the TV.
If all goes well, the male lobster soon embraces his mate firmly, assumes a posture suggestive of the missionary position, and deposits his sperm inside an egg receptacle near her tail.
If you must use an extension cord, be sure it has a three-hole receptacle and three-prong plug for grounding.
The vase life of the flowers with part of the ovary tissue remaining on the receptacle was similar to that of the control flowers.
This dance would last no more than 10 to 15 seconds, and from what I have read the male at this point inserts his sperm packet into the receptacle below the female's mouth, using his specially modified tentacle.
If you use one of these, be sure to attach the adapter's grounding metal flange to the wall receptacle 's center screw, which must be grounded.
The fleshy ‘berry’ to which they are attached is an enlarged, softened receptacle , corresponding to the small, white cone which remains on the stem of a raspberry when the fruit is picked.
Be sure to plug the pump into a receptacle protected with a ground fault circuit interrupter.