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receivership / конкурсное управление
администрация доходов
конкурсное производство
bankruptcy proceeding
имя существительное
the state of being dealt with by an official receiver.
the company went into receivership last week
That tenant failed to pay the rent and went into administrative receivership in October 1999.
It then went into receivership and as a result he was robbed of his pension.
The sector provides plenty of work for administrators, with many clubs perennial candidates for receivership .
Staff were told the company had been placed in administrative receivership in June 2001.
The group went into receivership on 27 August and Mr Wright was made redundant on that date.
The new year is barely four days old, and two distributors have already gone into administrative receivership .
The company says if a rescue package is not agreed soon, it will face liquidation or receivership within three weeks.
The 92-bedroom hotel was put into receivership in March and then put up for tender.
The pit is now producing 10,000 tonnes of coal a week, which is 2,000 more than before the mine went into receivership .
The same firm was placed in receivership a week ago after efforts to sort out its modest financial problems failed.