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receive / получать, принимать, воспринимать
get, receive, obtain, gain, have, take
accept, take, receive, adopt, assume, pass
perceive, take, receive, embrace
be given, presented with, or paid (something).
most businesses will receive a tax cut
suffer, experience, or be subject to (specified treatment).
the event received wide press coverage
greet or welcome (a visitor) formally.
representatives of the club will be received by the Mayor
Current and future Sky subscribers will continue to receive all BBC services.
Members of the Royal Family receive hundreds of presents, often from people they have never met.
They are also to receive counselling for the emotional effects of their ordeal.
Each person will also receive a present courtesy of the organisers.
But we must recall that in approaching the altar we receive our Lord, body and blood, soul and divinity.
Teenagers in Blackburn and Darwen will receive an extra birthday present this year as part of a mayor's plan to encourage young people to vote.
At present, farmers receive nine pence from every 36p pint of milk sold.
to receive stolen goods
Scares about mobile phones have centred on two areas - the handsets and the base stations, whose antennae receive and broadcast signals.
to receive communion