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receivable / приемлемый, подлежащий получению, годный к принятию
имя прилагательное
acceptable, reasonable, admissible, satisfactory, agreeable, receivable
подлежащий получению
годный к принятию
имя прилагательное
able to be received.
Part of this agreement states that both partners should be honest and fair by showing each other all the accounts payable and receivable on a monthly basis to maintain total trust through the duration of the partnership.
имя существительное
amounts owed to a business, regarded as assets.
Lenders first exclude ineligible assets, such as receivables that are more than 90 days overdue.
Parliament has decreed that, in the particular circumstances which arise in the present case, the company should be taxed on the interest receivable on the debt from TEE for so long as that debt was retained as an asset in the winding up.
In 1780, Congress issued $4.5 million in a new interest-bearing currency, redeemable in coin after five years, and receivable for taxes.
The surplus for each property is calculated by deducting from the gross rent receivable the following allowable deductions.
The covenantee must declare the full amount receivable on his tax return so that he can be given credit for the tax withheld.
‘We are now in the peak milk production period and it is essential for farm planning purposes that producers know what quota allocations are receivable under these schemes for the coming quota year’, he said.
The notes, soon known as ‘Greenbacks,’ were made legal tender for all private debts, receivable by the government for taxes and land sales (but not import duties), and were fundable into the bonds.
It's true that technology is such that the privacy of electronic communications cannot be guaranteed, but the personal access and password gave me a sense that the messages and files sent to me were intended to be receivable only by me.
Please be mindful that while Phoenix TV is based in Hong Kong, it is legally receivable by Chinese people with access to cable and satellite television, and Phoenix Weekly can be found on the Internet.
This assignment was clearly drafted in contemplation of construction performance bonds but could fairly be extended to amounts receivable from importer customers on account of customs bonds.
Bribes are receivable in kind: for example, a university professor gives an A grade to the child of the manager of a building company in exchange for renovation work on the professor's house.