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receipt / получение, квитанция, приход
имя существительное
receipt, obtaining, reception, obtainment, recipiency, procuration
receipt, ticket, invoice, claim check, quittance, tally
coming, parish, arrival, advent, receipt, incoming
имя прилагательное
давать расписку в получении
sign, receipt, openly admit, register one's marriage
subside, receipt, rush by
имя существительное
the action of receiving something or the fact of its being received.
I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter
a recipe.
The Ohio testers found that most of the receipts can be made easily with present-day ingredients, techniques, and equipment.
mark (a bill) as paid.
the receipted hotel bill
Closing date for receipt of completed applications is Friday, November at 12 noon.
I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 29th May 2003 and comment as follows.
More than 50,000 low-income households are in receipt of such financial support, funded by the Department of Social and Family Affairs.
I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter
Employers must retain records in respect of each employee in receipt of taxable benefits.
To his surprise, the agent wrote him a receipt for the cash and stamped it.
Customers then place their order, print off a receipt and return home.
Sometimes I think I'm broke and then I'll find a €50 note nestling between a taxi receipt and an ATM statement.
Elderly people in receipt of a mobility allowance are being seriously disadvantaged when they reach the age of 65 years, it has emerged this week.
The closing date for receipt of applications is Tuesday, August 5 at 5pm.